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Bridal Preparation - Why I love this part of the wedding day. 

The wedding morning Hair & Make Up before the wedding ceremony at Chippenham Park Estate, Cambridgeshire.

The wedding morning Hair & Make Up before the wedding ceremony at Chippenham Park Estate, Cambridgeshire.

The morning of the wedding is a great part of the wedding day. Whether at a Brides home, a hotel or the venue where the ceremony will be held. The bridal preparation is one of my favourite parts of the whole day. No two are the same and you never know if you are going to walk into a room full of lots of excited squealing Bridesmaide's drinking celebratory bubbles, or be greeted by a very calm atmosphere with the Bride is quietly collecting her thoughts and composing herself for the biggest event of her life. 

I feel this is such an important part of the wedding photography story to tell, not only because every good story needs a solid foundation, but because this is a huge part of a wedding day that the Brides husband to be will not have been involved in, so capturing beautiful moments in photographs is so important for him to be able to feel involved when the wedding couple receive their wedding album.

Why I love this photo.

They say a photo says 1000 words, but I'll try to sumarise why as a UK wedding photographer, this photo summarises the beauty of the wedding morning for me perfectly.

The Bride is sitting quietly with a very small but recognisable smile on her face. She's had her make up done and looks even more stunning than she did before. While her hair is being styled to make her look radiant as she walks down the aisle, she's contemplating what the rest of the day and the rest of her life has in store for her and the man of her dreams. 

The wedding dress that the bride has spent hours agonising over making the right choice hangs patiently in the back ground, awaiting her moment in the spotlight when the bride gets dressed in a very short while.

Also in the background, the mother of the bride is sitting supportively by her daughters side and also getting glammed up for what will be one of the most memorable days as a proud mum. 

As a wedding photographer this truly captures a wonderful moment and make a  very special wedding photo. 

About the venue

This particular wedding took place at Chippenham Park Estate in Cambridgeshire in July 2016. Chippenham, near Newmarket is one of my favourite places I've photographed a wedding. With a stunning Georgian House, award winning gardens and a lakeside Marquee, it really is a wonderful location to host a wedding and as a Cambridge based UK wedding photographer, specialising in Reportage wedding photography its top of my list of wedding venues.