30 frames of reportage wedding photography: 2

So its day 2 of sharing 30 of my favourite reportage photography frames and we are still on the all important bridal preparation.

Nia & James the Photographers - Wedding & Boudoir Photography near Cambridge.

Nia & James the Photographers - Wedding & Boudoir Photography near Cambridge.

Why I love this wedding photo

There is hardly a better way for a reportage wedding photographer to tell the story and capture the close relationship of a Bride and her Bridesmaid than a wedding photo such as this, capturing a very personal moment.

This type of wedding photo captured during the very exciting part of the wedding day will make a wonderful contribution to the wedding album. A brief moment of time where the bride is very nearly ready to meet her groom at the alter and is taking a few deep breaths or sipping a glass of bubbles to calm the nerves.

I obviously love the whole wedding day, but getting ready in the morning is one of the opportunities to capture some really wonderful album photos for the Bride & Groom. 

If you would like to see more of examples of my work then please visit the wedding gallery on our website www.niaandjames.com/weddingsor continue to follow the 30 frames of reportage wedding photography this month. There'll also be many Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Cambridgeshire and Cornish wedding venues featured, which may assist you in deciding on your ultimate venue for your own wedding.