Favourite subjects

The lure of photography

When you begin to focus on photography, you naturally start to be drawn to some subjects more than others.

When I first started really getting involved in photography, I was more focused on people than anything else. Weddings were actually my favourite photography subjects as they ranged in such emotion. Wedding photography, though my first real passion soon gave way to more artistic subjects. 

Africa Awakening

When Nia and I got married, we decided to go to South Africa for our honeymoon. We saw this as a place we've always wanted to explore, and obviously both packed our cameras and a range of lenses ready for some of the most exciting photography we were likely to experience. 

We weren't disappointed. Wedding photography in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties allowed me to explore human emotion in photography, and obviously has given us some stunning scenery, but nothing prepared me for South Africa. 

Photography in South Africa is just a overwhelming experience of colour and awe. Everywhere you look, you are met with amazing scenery, vibrant skies and joyful faces. Starting our journey in Cape Town, taking in the scenes of Table Mountain was one of the most amazing scenes I've ever seen, and the photos I took on that day will forever take pride of place. Visiting the humbling site of Robben Island was incredible, as we witnessed some great cruelty of the past, combined with beautiful views of Cape Town over the bay. We were also escorted by some whales which were an absolute treat to photograph. The photography only got better when we got to Stellenbosch, one of the most naturally beautiful places I've ever seen in my life. Again the camera in hand, we couldn't help fill our memory cards with just beautiful photographs of scenery. So for a time landscape photography was becoming a passion, just simply because it was so new and exciting. Then we moved onto a safari, and this is where I found myself completely taken over by my photography passion. I was able to really explore my skillset with the Safari. Huge creatures, distant images, fast moving targets and elusive quarry all combined to make taking the best photos possible a challenge. But the results were outstanding. My passion was at last realised in taking photos of safari animals. 

Such an amazing moment to photograph

Such an amazing moment to photograph

Coming home I've never managed to recapture the thrill of the Safari photography, but I still find wedding photography to be one of my favourite activities. Its not just the taking photos of the wedding, but being a part of so many happy days, getting to know the couple so well as we work with them and then ultimately seeing the joy of their faces when we go through their photos. Safari spoiled me, but I'll always have a place for wedding photography. 


By James Corbett

Nia & James The Photographers