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The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most important day of your life. So deciding on how you want that day documented is likely to be one of the more important decisions you will face when planning your wedding, perhaps only second to choosing the perfect venue and of course your perfect partner. 

One common trend we notice when speaking to future brides or engaged couples at wedding fayres is that many are unaware of the style of photography they want or indeed that professional wedding photographers specialise in different styles at all. As it's January and there will be so many of you busily setting out to plan your weddings after a romantic proposal over the festive season, I thought now would be the perfect time to offer some advice on this important topic. I’ve put together a brief, unbiased overview of the three main styles of wedding photography that are trending as we head into 2017. If you have the information, hopefully it will help you decide which one suits your requirements.


Also known as photo-journalistic photography, Reportage is increasingly popular for weddings.  Its totally unobtrusive, with the photographer almost blending into the background. It captures photographs candidly, as they happen throughout the day, with no posing by the Bride & Groom or their guests. Reportage will create a story out of the wedding by capturing natural moments through observation, anticipation and spontaneity rather than setup poses. These images convey genuine emotion and are a true reflection of the events of the day. Some Reportage photographers will incorporated requested posed shots, but if a photographer advertises themselves as Reportage style, they will generally stick to their art.

Examples of Nia & James The Photographers Reportage style photography

Examples of Nia & James The Photographers Reportage style photography



This conventional style of wedding photography remains a very popular choice. It involves the photographer directing the Bride & Groom into positions to obtain the required photographs of themselves and pre established groups. Therefore, the photographer becomes much more involved in your wedding day as they have to direct people. However, this can be beneficial as it does add a structure to the day. Plus, you are guaranteed to have every key person included in your photographs at each key moment throughout the day. Although staged, you will receive more intimate, timeless Bride & Groom portraits with this style. A good photographer will ensure the group photographs appear natural rather than stiff & rigid and will be very careful not to intrude too much on your day, picking opportune moments to capture the required photos, without taking over.

An example of Nia & James The Photographers 'Posed' wedding portraits

An example of Nia & James The Photographers 'Posed' wedding portraits



This style of photography, also known as artistic, is inspired by editorial fashion photography. This is ideal if you are looking for something that is a little different. It is similar to Traditional Wedding Photography in that it relies heavily on staged photographs at various points throughout the day, but these constructions are often less formal. It utilises unconventional angles, significant flash lighting and extensive post production (photoshop) to create images with an impact.


Nia & James The Photographers are based in Cambridgeshire and cover a limited number of weddings throughout the UK and abroad. We consider our style to be a  a hybrid of those aforementioned.  We aim to be  unobtrusive to allow you to enjoy your day with minimal interference, but you will have spent a lot of money to create your own wonderful fairytale, and our clients choose us because they consider photography to be a very influential part of the wedding day. We strive to create some photo opportunities at various points throughout the day for you to look back on and remember your very own fairytale.

We don't like to use the term posing, we aim to assist in directing you into positions that we know will make you look amazing in the photographs, whilst allowing you to naturally interact with one another at the same time.  Whilst I’m directing you into positions that will make you lookyour absolute best, James will have faded into the background, candidly capturing the moments from a different, yet complimentary perspective. The beauty of James and I working together is that we can give you get the best of both the posed and candid style rolled into one package. 

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So in Summary, before talking to photographers make sure you have researched what style you would like your memories recorded in. That way you can chat to photographers you may consider booking who you know practice your chosen style, saving you loads of precious time from talking to the wrong people. Good luck with your individual search. 

By Nia Corbett

Nia and James The Photographers