More than just wedding photographers

Not Just Wedding Photographers?

When we first starting working on weddings as photographers, we quickly came to realise our jobs would become far more entwined with the couple we were photographing. Weddings are big complex and diverse days, but even the best planned weddings can quickly become disorganised and people quickly become lost. As photographers we're always there, in the background but often we are called upon to assist in the actual day itself. These special moments were not something we'd realised would be such a big part of the day, but we treasure them.

The Relationship

Working with a couple is essential, and knowing what the couple wants from their day is so important for the photographer to fully understand. Not having this relationship not only effects the quality of the photos, and indeed risks missing the photos or groups that the couple are wanting, but its also very key to the day itself. 

You see since a photographer is always there, its also likely people will come to the photographer with questions. I've had every question from a groomsman asking me how to wear a cummerbund to where they should seat the guests. But its also common to get involved in the organising of people. I've lost count of the number of weddings where people are still milling around whilst the bride is waiting to walk in. As a free agent able to move around, it often makes sense for us to chase down the stray guests and keep the bride happy until everyone is ready. We've been councillors and advisors and even full blown wedding planners on occasion. 



The interesting thing about being the wedding photographer is, everyone knows you've probably seen your fair share of weddings. If you're stuck as to what you need to do next, where you should be or whats coming next, its a safe bet the photographer will know. They also generally know where the bridge and groom are at all times. 

But this is what makes our jobs so special! We are part of the happiest day of so many lives in such a way that we make a difference. We pride ourselves on being documentary photographers, blending into the background and capturing the day as it happens, but we'd be silly to ignore the opportunity to help the couple have the best day possible and it makes our jobs all that more special to think that we did our small part in these happy people's special day.