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Life throws a lot at us as women; pregnancy, careers, families, running a home, being a wife as well as life's regular challenges. It's easy to forget that you are an amazing, beautiful, unique and sensual woman. This is a chance for some well deserved 'Me Time'. 

A Boudoir session is guaranteed to empower you. It's natural to feel a little apprehensive beforehand, but we promise you will have shown more on the beach than you will in these photographs and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure our clients are fully relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the experience within the first 5 minutes. You'll be amazed to see how quickly you gain a newfound confidence and feel like a new woman.

We are experts at making everyone look and feel amazing during the session. We will help you with the posing and select flattering lighting and angles to make you look even more gorgeous. 


Boudoir is a perfect confidence boost for any lady of any age, shape or size wanting to feel amazing.

Most of our clients intend to gift the photos to the man (or women) in their lives, but often find it such a confidence boosting, rewarding experience that it's actually more of a pampering session and treat  for themselves.

Many of our Boudoir sessions are purchased as gifts for friends and partners; a husband treating his wife or for a good friend in need of a confidence boost for example.

Whatever the reason, taking this journey will unveil the beautiful woman you truly are, with the help of some wonderful lingerie, props and a professional hair and makeup artist on hand to make you feel extra special. 


For answers to any question you may have, contact us for a discreet, no-obligation consultation.

Prices & Collections

A Boudoir session starts from £175 inclusive of a professional hair and make up artist and a framed 7x5 inch print. 

For further information on the services we offer including costs, please view our portrait price list.